Special Topics

Stormwater Management

Stormwater is rainfall that doesn’t soak into the ground. Instead it flows over land into the County’s extensive storm drain network of pipes where it’s released — untreated — into our streams. At the May 2019 WWCA General Meeting, we discussed Stormwater management and related Zoning regulations. You can view the full presentation here.

Useful Links
  • Stormwater at Home
  • Soak it Up – Stormwater Workshop Webinar
  • StormwaterWise Landscapes
  • Sump Pumps: Be a Good Neighbor with Your Sump Pump
  • Native Plant information: Plant NOVA Natives Website
  • Native Plant information: WWCA Summary
  • For Stormwater and Watershed Outreach, you can also contact Aileen Winquist at awinquist@arlingtonva.us.

    Zoning Regulations

    The Zoning Division plays a key role in regulating land use by ensuring that the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance (ACZO) is administered and enforced fairly, diligently, and responsibly. Their services include informing home owners, businesses, and developers on the zoning and land use regulations which are relevant to their property, such as what uses are allowed, the placement and height of buildings, the provision of off-street parking, and the location and size of signage. For more Zoning information, check out the information online or you can also contact one of the following individuals who joined us for the WWCA General Meeting:

  • Zoning Plan Review: Kim Kahala at kkalaha@arlingtonva.us
  • Zoning Inspector: Kindra Taylor at ktaylor@arlingtonva.us
  • Board of Zoning Appeals: Stephen Risse at srisse@arlingtonva.us